RHYOLITE NEVADA: Gateway to Death Valley & Greenwater

A Postcard from Rhyolite, 1906:

My Dear Friend, - Wish you were here to help me pan gold. We are having beautiful weather and the desert is rather a pleasant place just now. Am working as stenographer at $150. a month. Hope you are all well. Love to all, Maude. Write soon.


The John S Cook Bank, Rhyolite Nevada, 1999  (note vault in background)

Rhyolite briefly flourished from approximately 1905 to 1910.  Rhyolite was a gold mining town in the remote southwest portion of Nevada, and is situated  about one hundred miles from Las Vegas.  Today portions of Rhyolite have been transferred to the BLM and preserved as a US Monument with the famous old train depot to be restored as a museum.  Unfortunately time has taken a severe toll on the town since the desert mentality says that anything worth using and not being used should be put to good use, or used later when the need will arise.  Unfortunately for desert ghost towns like Rhyolite, this means that the towns were mostly dismantled and carted away to be used in buildings somewhere else. 

The Old School, Rhyolite Nevada

The large school above was built at great expense to educate up to three hundred students of all ages. Today it is just a shell...   can you hear the voices of the children playing when the desert wind blows?

Panic of 1907!