Famous Early Nevada Bankers in 1907

John S Cook & Homer Wilson

Cook Bank & Wilson Trust (successor to State Bank & Trust 1908)



MacDonald and Charles Schwab ca 1907

First National of Tonopah

Smith Brothers 

Rhyolite and Bullfrog Banks


E. L. Raymond, Cashier of the Bank of Manhattan

The Bank of Manhattan Nevada 1907

The precise history of this Manhattan Nevada bank is not known, however the Bank of Manhattan appears to have been organized by Colorado interests, namely B. L. Smith later of Rhyolite banking fame. This bank is not related to the Nye & Ormsby Bank of Manhattan and it is unlikely that the State Bank and Trust executor would have purchased this bank after the Panic. More on the State Bank & Trust and a rare picture of the Bank of Manhattan building is shown below. 

The Bank of Manhattan Building


Panic of 1907